Monday, November 01, 2004

What will it be?

Here is my prediction for the presidential election:

Popular Vote: Bush - 52.6%; Kerry - 46.1%; Other: 1.3% (no it's not all Nader; Nader will get 0.8%)
Total Vote: 116M + but not more than 120M

Electoral Vote:
Bush: 336 (clarifying the wins: NM Duh, FL, PA, OH, MN, WI, NH, HI, ME[1])
Kerry: 202 (clariifying the wins: MI, NJ, CT, OR, ME[3])
Nader: 0 as in nada, zip, zilch ... but ain't this country great - anyone can run for president. Gimme five Ralphie.

Time frame: We will know by Wednesday morning at the latest. There will be no serious court action.

Senate: Plus 1 R's
House: Plus 4 R's

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