Thursday, January 20, 2005

ABC had mentioned that Bush and his dad both had been having an occasional tear so had avoided lokking at each other. Dubya appeared a little taken by emotion while walking in and as he was seated listening to the music and looking around. I just can't imagine how it must feel to be him.

Trent Lott is speaking.

Update: Dr. Lewis Leon is giving the convocation. Diversity and unity ... remember, thank and pray for member of the armed forces, blessings for the participants.

Update2: Honorable William Renquist walked up under his own power with a cane, looking happy.

Update3: Soprano Susan House(?) sings "Bless This House." I love to listen to singers who can enunciate. Singing is an art which has fallen into disuse in the everyday, pop culture.

Update4: Dodd welcomes and introduces Hastert for swearing in Cheney. Both Hastert and Cheney seemed to hurry through it and messed it up a little.

Update5: Denyce Graves does the "American Anthem" per Lott. Truth to tell, this is not familiar to me (sounds familiar in a few parts) and I didn't know it is called that. Another great singer with great enunciation. It's a pleasure to listen to. Excellent job.

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