Monday, January 17, 2005

Caught some cold calculating on the affect of same day registration votes in Wisconsin over at Scylla & Charybdis which was very interesting and I followed the link into a simmering controversy. There's a short timeout for MLK day but it will resume tomorrow. This post at My View of the World is link rich and there's a badger's nest of blogs involved.

Now there are two (as far as I have seen) prominent election controversies which, if not instigated, are, at least, being developed and widely exposed by blogs. In Washington, Stefan Sharkansky at Sound Politics must be given credit for the depth and breadth of investigation being given to the legitimacy of the decision in the Governor's race. The Wisconsin timeline has only begun but looks like it may be a big one.

While the subject of the blog phenom's effect on accountability in the MSM has been recognized, its potential effect in the clean elections venue has, I think, been misunderestimated. It's quite possible the slime of voter fraud may finally be washed from the election body, and if it is, it will not have been done by righteous politicians with podiums and microphones but by individual citizens with electronic soapboxes. I'm looking forward to seeing alot more discussion on this because this will truly be exciting.

(Sorry for all the split infinitives, I'm a "To boldly go ..." fan.)

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