Thursday, January 06, 2005

Does something seem to stick in your mind, like forever? For me, one keeps popping up from my college statistics class. Somewhere near the middle of the course, the professor, while covering probabilities, and I think to test our retention skills, made a quick bet whether any in our class of 31 students had the same birthday. He bet there was, I think all of us dunderheads said "Not likely!!!!" Result: there were two sets, one with two on the same day and one with three. Boy did the professor hit gold on that class and make us look bad. (Yes, we didn't believe it and checked everyone's DL.) If I remember correctly, it takes 29 or 30 people to reach 95% probability of it occurring and is always a good bet for him; that time he got 30 bucks (one guy from Kuwait didn't bet).

Anyway, surfing through The Corner, I see this post noting cool Cal was born on July 4th and skimming through Wiki to check a July 4 I remember (that both John Adams and Thomas Jefferson died on July 4 [1826]), I noticed that GHW Bush finally gave us presidents born in every month of the year. Forty seemed a high number so I had to do birthdays. Bingo! Harding at #29 matched #11 Polk. (This should actually be 28 because of Cleveland.)

That is all.

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