Monday, January 10, 2005

Finally! Now we can spend some time with some in-depth analysis! I still would like to see Danny boy grounded for a while at the very least.

Update: Wow! Issuing a report that is 234 pages long. Do you think CBS is working to get their credibility back?

Update: Up to page 40 now! (I'm a slow reader.) But I have a quesion at this point. Does Dan Rather work at CBS? I see his last name typed here and there, you know, like sat in front of a camera and did an interview, (he did meet with Matley but all decisions were made by "it was" whoever that is.) I am at the CBSNews defending area of the report but no mention Rather, just CBSNews reported, like some guy named CBSNews had his hand shoved up the back of Rather's shirt while he was on camera. Okay back to reading.

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