Thursday, January 06, 2005

I caught a smidgeon of Rush yesterday about a possible challenge of the electoral result in the Senate and was carried over to a post about it at TKS which has a good rundown and a link to Blue Lemur post. Mr. Geraghty, has a point which I take issue with. He notes:
" ... It would be bad for the country because it would give Fidel Castro, Kim Jong-Il, and every other dictator and foe of democracy a convenient talking point to accuse America's democratic system of being illegitimate. (You do know that Castro’s favorite response when asked why Cuba doesn’t have elections is “you mean like Florida?,” right?) Conspiracy theorists and black-helicopter types would seize the objections as evidence that the election was ‘stolen’, and a bad and false idea would refuse to die...."
This is only bad for the country if one sits there at a loss for words after Fidel tries to yuk it up, smugly thinking he has made a hit and is one up with his toss. But only the Fidel groupies of the idiotarian left would think he has won and Mr Geraghty ought not give them false comfort by keeping his tomato in his hand. But, since Mr. Geraghty won't throw his, I'll throw mine:
"Yes, Mr Castro, like Florida, where two candidates fought tooth and nail in an election; where rules were argued even after the vote and, nationally, everyone was involved arguing about and watching over more than one recount while several different independent courts arbited the legal arguments; and hosts of news organizations were able to independently and freely report on the ongoing controversy and these efforts would be criticized in return. All this was done freely and without fear of 'disappearing' because of actions taken or opinions spoken. All of this was open and transparent for all to see. And, finally, afterwards, even after the results were declared, documents relating to the vote were examined by whoever wanted to, confirming both essential correctness of the election and whatever flaws that might exist in the system. On top of that, all the nutjobs of every stripe are still walking free and blabbering about it to whomever will listen.

Again, Mr Castro, yes, have an election like Florida, you little pansy ass!"

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