Friday, January 14, 2005

My understanding from a friend is that the Huygens probe sent to Juptier's moon, Titan, has actually continued to transmit data after crashing (?) onto the Titan.

As I understand it, Cassini had received the data transmitted by Huygens as it approached Titan (as well as covering its approach, itself) and then turned to relay the data to earth. There is now a mad scramble to pick up the data being transmitted by Huygens.

You can watch live coverage via NASA, here. Click on your player of choice (Real of Windows Media) near the center of the page and start watching. (Right now, they are waiting for some pictures.)

Update: Looking at the progamming guide, presentation of the first 18 photos will start at 2:45PM US Eastern Time. They are switching over to the European Space Agency now.

Update 2: I can't really blog this since my pc memory is not enough to both watch and post. But the first photo is a 40 m rez and it shows 'watershed' like canyons appearing to connection to a body of 'water'. The speaker notes it looks more like liquid seepage from the walls of the canyon rather than flowing streams. No one on air said so, but I think it is too cold down there for liquid water.

Well, I was able to blog it. ESA closed up shop on this anyway, after one picture. Sheesh. I also understand that The Science Channel will have an hour long program on this tonight at 9PM US Eastern Time.

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