Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Viking Pundit posts an excerpt from Rahm Emanuel's appearance on “Meet the Press” Sunday. While Rahm may have thought his performance was as good as White Goodman's at Dodgeball, it was actually a "Dwight."

And, Rahm, what the heck is "... and you're smart to what happens in this town, the president proposes and Congress disposes ..." Aside from the adage, "The President proposes and the Congress disposes", as noted here (top of page 4 of pdf ), being applied to foreign policy and not domestic policy, it was meant to describe a relationship wherein the President decides and the Conress rubber stamps the decision. Is that what you plan to do, Rahm?

Naw, Rahm meant "The President comes up with the ideas and the Congress kibbitzes." The Democrats: we don't do ideas.

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