Sunday, February 20, 2005

Begging to Differ has post on the NYT piece on some secretly taped conversations of Bush back when he was considering a run for the presidency and giving glimpses of Bush as the future President. Candid and refreshing ... Bush, that is, and the reason he is likeable.

Oh, and Wead's a money grubbing, publicity seeking jerk. And by the sounds of this statement by White House Spokesman Trent Duffy, "The governor was having casual conversations with someone he believed was his friend.", Wead ain't gonna be going to any barbeques at the ranch again.

Also, read between these lines:
"In the last several weeks, that friend, Doug Wead, an author and former aide to Mr. Bush's father, disclosed the tapes' existence to a reporter and played about a dozen of them."
Betcha Dougieboy has lots more tapes than a dozen. Wanna also bet Dubya isn't the only one he taped? Do you think Dougieboy will get many more phones again, EVER? Couldn't happen to a nicer 'friend'.

Okay back to your regular scheduled reading, I'm done.

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Blogger Bill C creaked ...

Kaus files has idea of Wead's strategy and it sounds like a winner. Which stinks because Wead is a jerk and doesn't deserve a dime even if the tapes make Bush look like a good guy.

2/22/2005 8:08 AM  

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