Saturday, February 05, 2005

Bill C at Brain Droppings links to a post of mine from October about the Sevan's upcoming troubles. (Thanks ever so much, Dude.) BD is working hard on visual expressions of the news and did some dictionary diving yesterday wrt Sevan, too. I never knew scapegoat had a biblical basis, but I do now. You should, too. (Malcom X, if I remember correctly, spent his time in prison reading the entire dictionary.) Anyway, keep scrolling when you get there ( I saw the Cox & Forkum post on Ayn Rand, and, yes, that and your post has convinced me to read Atlas Shrugged.)

I haven't had time to post much, as I am more stubborn than any recent president of the US of A, and feel I must solve my template plans myself. But I have been keeping one eye on the unfolding UNSCAM story. Some of what I have heard and things rolling around in my head follow.

Volcker has been very reticent about what one can conclude from his preliminary report. (It's almost like he has a plan.) That, at least, per his interview I saw on Lehrer New Hour. I haven't read the report but will take his word for it. In the interview, he even took Margaret Warner down a bunch of pegs when he told her (just the gist of it) that LNH's intro to the interview that the report uncovered corruption top to bottom at the UN was unfounded and not indicated in the report at all. You couldn't see Warner's face turn red, what with all the makeup, but it happened. (Found the link but didn't reread it for accuracy of gist.)

So I wonder, how much of all the other info that has been reported since has been a product of report or the result of MSM, et al, investigations (such as Sevan's friendship with a cousin(?) of Boutros Ghali (sp?)) and could have been out months ago. Same goes for Sevan's dozens of phone calls and the fact that the three primary subject companies hadn't the qualifications to get these contracts. As I said, I'll have to read the report.

In any event, the wheels of justice grind slowly. One wheel is on Sevan's toes and he is squealing from the weight of the wheel - now with the stupid excuses and explanations and then, soon, with the good info. Could the reason Sevan was(is) in Australia was(is) because that is where he stashed all his collateral for the 'get out of jail free cards' and he wanted the cold comfort of fingering through the files to make sure they are safe?

One thing the wheels have ground to dust is immunity. (My lousy memory only kept a comment that some UN immunities are going to be waived, not who said it. Darn!) I'll go read the report soon but it seems Sevan is in a pretty good position if he has been exclusively fingered in the report. That means, right now, he is the only good source for the dirt. That means Sevan has a monopoly; there is no competition. If he was smart, he would understand that and go right for the really good deal.

But most of these folks are not really smart. Just greedy. They should have been in my fourth grade class and experienced our principal, Sister St. Theresa, and then they would be smart. SS Theresa was sweet as can be until you did something like write on the toilet stall wall. Do that and she gets on the PA at 10:00 and announces she has found this out and all those who come to the office before noon and admit they wrote things will be forgiven. After noon, there will be lots of work. Those who don't admit it will be found out and their parents will be told. Hardly anyone did so at 11:30 he announced that she was a handwriting expert and all teachers were to bring copies of all the boys' handwriting to her office. You should have seen the line of boys still outside the principal's office by 11:59. When I got to see her, she said God was smiling on me now for admitting it, looked at the clock, which read 12:10, handed me my chores to be done next week and told me to go the lavatory and tell the janitor which writing was mine.. Two kids who wouldn't listen to good advice, given via secret notes, had their parents pick them up at the end of the school day.

There's two good morals to this story. One, do not think you can write on the toilet stall wall just because others have. Two, try to be first in line when all hell is about to break loose and odds are you will be found out.

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Blogger Bill C creaked ...

Dusty, I did not realize that your post, which I linked to, was dated October 18th. That is very impressive. You saw this coming a long time ago.

Reading through your blog I greatly enjoy your insight. Just one comment, blog more often. Actually, I found this piece advice on blogging helpful, find a niche and stick to it. You definitely have a keen sense of human motivation. Keep up the good work and look for your blog on our blogroll.

2/05/2005 6:14 PM  

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