Thursday, February 24, 2005

Good news I didn't see on BBC, NBC or Lehrer. It's two days old but you may not have seen it either.
"The government said that security forces had "killed the terrorist Adel Mujtaba, known as Abu Rim, who disseminated propaganda for Abu Mussab Al Zarqawi's terrorist network".

Mujtaba was the third Zarqawi propaganda chief to be killed or detained after the first and second in command, Abu Sufiyan and Hussam Abdullah Muhsin Al Dulaymi, respectively, were killed and detained, a statement said, without providing further details on the latter two.

"Abu Rim specialized in creating terrorist Websites, which encouraged terrorism," it said, adding that he was killed in a raid on February 11."
At least those in the Middle East know about it already. Hey, maybe I should just read the Jawa Report more often! (I do have a screencap showing Jawa on top for this report. Hello stinks.) Oh and since this is a good news post, just a reminder that there were 2 captured late last week, a report I did catch thanks to The Command Post. The roll up is gaining steam.

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