Friday, February 11, 2005

Here we go again. I wish the MSM could be more accurate with their reporting. This time it's Fox and I am much more disappointed because of that. And no, I will not give them a break because they are using an AP story. Fox ought to know AP's reputation for accuracy and Fox are big boys. When they dump these things on their website, it becomes no better than a news aggregator site. You've got enough of those already.
"The United States would dispatch 690,000 troops and 2,000 warplanes if war breaks out on the Korean peninsula, according to a South Korean defense policy paper released Friday."

Look, I hadn't seen the 2005 White Paper, but I looked at the 2000 WP, and mentioned what it said, here. But I went to the website again to see if MNDROK had put it on the site. Not yet but I looked at the "Participatory Government Defense Policy 2003" which can be accessed here. (Warning: not for those with dial-ups; it was a long load with broadband access)

There's nothing in the report that says the US would dispatch what was in the AP article. These are augmentation forces, what is available, if needed. Why the MSM so enamored with numbers that they write reports based solely on the fact that they found or heard one somewhere without looking at the words surrounding those numbers, I'll never know. Here's what the Policy 2003 paper said: (Chapter 3, Section B; pg53 of pdf)
"US augmentation forces,including the army,navy,air force,and marine corps,are composed of approximately 690,000 troops. The augmented forces comprise 2 army corps that can execute rapid multi-dimensional maneuver; 5 carrier battle groups with highly advanced fighters capable of executing multi-dimensional naval operations;32 tactical fighter wings that can secure air superiority, attack enemy's targets in depth, and respond to weapons of mass destruction; and 2 marine expeditionary forces stationed in Okinawa and on the continental US.

There are three types of augmentation capability:Flexible Deterrence Options (FDOs), Force Module Packages (FMPs), and the Time-Phased Forces Deployment Data TPFDD). These are executed through a unit integration process,when the Commanding General of CFC requests them and the US JCS orders them in case of a crisis on the Korean Peninsula.

FDOs are ready to be implemented when war is imminent. They can be classified into political, economic, diplomatic, and military options. Approximately 150 deterrence options are ready to be employed.FMPs are measures that augment combat or combat support units that need the most support in the early phase of the war should war deterrence efforts through FDOs fail. Included in the FMPs are elements such as rapid deployable aircraft and carrier battle groups. Under TPFDD, in which FDO and FMP are included, key forces are planned ahead of time to be deployed in case of an outbreak of war. The types of forces under TPFDD are, in-place force, or forces currently deployed to the peninsula; pre-planned forces, or forces of time-phased deployment in a contingency; and on-call forces, which could be deployed if needed.

Since 1994, ROK forces and US forces have been maintaining reception and logistical procedures of augmented forces in the case of contingency through the annual RSOI exercise.

Furthermore, USFK plans to implement a revolutionary force augmentation plan in order to enhance CFC's ability to deter North Korean aggression and to safeguard the security of the ROK."
The reality is that any war would be over before we could get 690,000 troops over there. Kim Jung Il would be dead within a day or two and that would be the end of it; no need to send 690,000 troops. It might be nice to broadcast the 690,000 number as a warning because of the actions and heightened rhetoric from the NorKs, if, for instance, there was no published report, but the NorKs already have it downloaded. Besides its been in the white papers since, at least, 2000.

That makes the MSM news reports even worse examples of 'news' and those reporting on it looking even more incompetent. As for the 'main enemy' change, see the ROk's explanation here.

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Anonymous Tom the Friendly Ghost creaked ...

Good post. I've added you to my blog roll.

Only thing I can add is that figure is about 40 - 50% of our active duty military. With our committments in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Kosovo, could the U.S. really send that many forces to Korea in the event of war?

2/12/2005 1:22 PM  

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