Monday, February 14, 2005

Hmmm, this isn't like making a controversial accusation at a forum in Davos with the cameras rolling then refusing to have the tape released so you can obfuscate the story. It's more like slapping a news report with the wrong tonal qualities on the WaPo website, then erasing the silly passages so you can show the dead tree public you've still got a professional image., not to mention, so you don't upset club members. (ht: Kausfiles)

In the professional world its called an addendum; the techie world calls it an update. What do they call a change in the MSM media? Why they call it "dead tree space limitations."

There are some reasons why this kind of behavior is so prevalent in the mainstream media but has never been so apparent as it is now with the growth of on-line publishing. It's one pound old industry ways, two cups 'five editions' think, three tablespoons death of market competition, and a dash of several secret ingredients developed over time to suit the tastes of the chefs, not the patrons. It's the older chefs, mostly, and many of their mentored journeymen; a lot of the schools with the outdated recipe books; and business policy ingredients past their expiration date.

I have no doubt the old mass news production industry will survive the micro-startups with their innovative ideas, unique brands, and different tasting products. But not all of them will; those that do react (and, by that, I don't slander, libel, scream, whine or just hold intra-group rant sessions) by mimicing the upstart products will 'live long and prosper'. Those that don't will die regrettable and inglorious deaths and be put in the glass case next to the buggy whips display.

(Ha! Wizbang and INDC can have their s** pix afficiando traffic. Me? I'm going after the cookers, eaters and trekkers. I'd have even gotten some economics peeoople if I had bothered to get my desireable 20 year old macro-economics book and freshened up on some technical terms.)

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