Monday, February 07, 2005

Jonah Goldberg seems to be enjoying his playing time with Juan Cole the way a cat enjoys a catnip toy (sorry about that, Jonah) a dog enjoys a tennis ball. (HT: Instapundit) It's been going on since Mr Goldberg made mention of Mr Cole's comments on his website, here.

It was interesting that Jonah's thoughts ran to the subject of debates, noting that Cole might want to consider Adeed Dawisha as a more worthy opponent, considering how high he holds his nose in the air, than Mr. Goldberg. Mr. Cole has had, at least that I have seen, two opportunities to subject his 'real' opinions to that test, here (before the elections) and here (after the elections).

I won't suggest these are appearances of PBS's Dr. Juan Jekyll to the Informed Comment's Mr. Juan Hyde. But it does seem he wears an opinion burka when on LNH while he traipses around like a Hawaiin tourist on Informed Comment. From what I took from his 28 January appearance, I thought he would think very highly of the 30 January results. He didn't seem to disappoint me from his comments on 31 January.

Maybe LNH could spice up their program in the future by putting a Juan Cole doll in the chair and reading from his weblog. That would save them some money and give Mr Dawisha something to respond to.

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