Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Juan "I speak Arabic, except I don't" Cole, fastidiously eluding a "Fracas on Fallujah" challenge by Ali (currently on the future board at 15^:1- Ali by knockout ), is taking a career ending 'move up in weight' chance with a "Democracy in the Desert Dragout" challenge to Jonah "I eat surrender monkeys for breakfast" Goldberg. (Juannyboy, you need a promoter with a brain!)

Word is furious negotiations on the fight are being held in a house called Chatham located near Davos and many are hoping for a tape of it, but that's another story. Sportster colorman, Bill C, has been on this story like a burka on a ... well, never mind ... and is providing a round up of the gossip and taunts in his venue. Looks like the Colester's going 3rd Grade in the hopes of upping the ante, not to mention the quality of his arguments.

(Ed -You did this because you got linked! Me - No, I didn't . Ed- Yes, you did. ... )

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