Monday, February 28, 2005

Lebanon's Cedar Revolution has begun in earnest and on schedule according to this report from Nahamet. And Lebanonwire has a slew of reports here. The Daily Star reports that Jumblatt is working on Hezbollah's joining of the movement or at least sitting it out. And from this from The Daily Star:
"It is about time we stand united and fight for an independent Lebanon," said Samer Geagea, who wore a cross and carried a photo of his relative, jailed LF leader Samir Geagea.

"The army delayed us for an hour, but we still managed to get here and have our voices heard," he added.

Army checkpoints set up at the entrances to the capital were reported to have delayed protesters from getting to the demonstration area by subjecting would-be demonstrators to thorough searches of both vehicle and passengers.

Generally, security was heavy for the rally with armed forces carrying assault rifles and police officers equipped with rubber batons escorting the demonstration from a distance.
It appears the Army is taking a wait and see if not sitting it out while doing what it can to make sure the demostrators are safe and peaceful. Good for them.

Across the Bay has been covering this in depth and providing solid comment. Publius Pundit is doing the same. Both have lots of links.

Update: Meanwhile, as of 3:43AM ET, Google and Yahoo News aggregators indicate the rest of the Media World is pretty much missing a great story. (Am I right in this or does Google and Yahoo set the priorities on what is headline worthy as far as their lists are concerned? Who leads in the publishing-aggregating dance?)

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