Sunday, February 06, 2005

LGF links to an opinion column by Paul Campos regarding the Ward Churchill brouhaha. While Mr. Johnson is right that he makes some good points, I wish the Mr. Campos hadn't taken up the vast majority of his column with a point he makes quite clear he feels is not relevant. Campos could have used the space to point out just how poor is Mr. Churchill's scholarship. That would go much further to reinforcing his point that the University doesn't do a very good job of vetting their professors or their department chairmen.

I would do it but I prefer a challenge. I started by, at least, looking at his "Some People Push Back" but found as Mr. Campos asserted (and would have done well to note as evidence), he can't even get the most recent things right, like the reference to Madeline Albright's "worth the price" event.

That was the first thing I tackled on my list because it seemed the easiest to check off the list, considering the wonders of the Internet. First, Albright was not Secretary of State, she was UN Ambassador. Second, it did not happen in 1998 but 1996. Third it was not on Meet the Press, but on 60 Minutes. He was right about Halladay's resignation in 1998, which makes it only helpful to his argument in using that as a basis for contrasting Albright's comment on Oil-for-Food but it does not make it accurate. I won't go into the reason for Albright's remarks and the ever necesssary context needed considering it was 60 MINUTES.

After finding so much crap arranged in so few words by Churchill on that one point, I realized he is not professor material and also that it is not worth my time showing it when it is such easy work. I live in NY and he now has been chased from here. Churchill is Colorado's problem. Maybe if Campos can convince Churchill to hold a bake sale, he can get the University will fire the idiot.

If they feel that is something beyond their ability, maybe they can entice him with a better position, something like Custodial Artifactican and Chief Labeling Officer.

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