Wednesday, February 23, 2005

So Ward has given his speech and the coverage today sounds so yesterday. The Denver Post couldn't do better than post an AP article. Neither could the Rocky Mountain News. (They are slightly different, which might be attributed to dress up by the papers, though it ought to be by the AP reporter because neither paper notes additions.) The biggest story out of Colorado in months and they copy a wire service.

No transcripts of the speech either. And the Denver Post has a shill article for Churchill, too, disguised as an analysis and a little late to count as informative. As if falsifing a resume doesn't provide sufficient reason for dismissal in discounting any counter arguments.

The real news is "Where's the transcripts?" But at least RMN covers the related news like: Where's the dissertation? and Who wanted him in the first place? Do you think they will find Churchill's dissertation in the 1970's 'drive-thru college's' files? Did CU really want him for his mind or did they just lust after this body?

Tune in later for the continuing saga of Ward Churchill as he heads to Wisconsin to suck more money from the pockets of leftist academia. He's been really good at it for years.

Where's the transcripts?

Update: A search of the NYT and WaPo sites show nothing on his Hawaiian gig.

Another update: LGF reports on Churchill's admission that he is not American Indian.

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