Saturday, March 05, 2005

Apparently William Moyers is on the loose again, having snuck out the emergency exit of the sanatorium for the second "recorded" time since late January in yet another attempt to get his 'rational musings' published. The newest editorial screener to be taken in with Mr. Moyers' sometimes off, sometimes on raving of a conspiracy uncovered was employed by the to the New York Review of Books. Logical Meme has the evidence of Mr. Moyers' uncanny ability to spot gullable publishers before his meds wear off to the point of obviousness. (ht: Viking Pundit)

Mr. Moyers' last victim was the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, when they lazily accepted for publication, apparently without serious consideration, a potenitally libelous diatribe which they have since corrected. (See corrections hidden to the right under "Additional Content.") On casual reading, it appears the newest victim of Mr. Moyers has been spared this particular embarassment though they are sure to receive one just as severe to their inestimable reputation of being the avant-garde of new works - the embarassment of publishing 'used' articles. With some occasional word changes and a few new paragraphs of little added content, the New York Review of Books has snagged a rehash of Mr. Moyers's article in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune (previously linked) which in itself was an adaptation of an internet publication (Afternet) which was a posting of remarks made at Harvard Medical School where he received recognition with an award for something barely related to the Medical Field.

While investigations into the real reason Havard Medical School enticed Mr. Moyer to their facilities have been stymied, other intriguing avenues of inquiry have been opened by Mr. Moyers' recent antics. Critics with connections are already delving deep into whether NYRB was actually swindled out of any coin by this once acclaimed journalist who is now suffering halucinations.

Meanwhile, do not expect an apologetic press release from Happy Hectacres Home for Lefty Lunatics any time soon as staff are already working overtime trying to locate another recently accepted resident by the name of Mr. H. Dean, who some three weeks ago snuck out the same door. No doubt when the press release is distributed it will have 3H2L's boilerplate caveats about overcrowding (ribbon cutting for the most recent expansion - the 15th in 15 years - is planned for May Day) and high turnover in their compassionate conservative candy-stripers (who just don't realize how hard attending to the needs of 3H2L's residents is until they try.)

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