Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Brain Droppings points to a very interesting Taipei Times story summarizing changes coming to US-Japanese military relationship. John O. also points to the Belmont Club's post which considers the US's evolving military strategy and its implications.

Of course, this is what allies do if they aren't this kind of ally. Or have leaders like this kind.

Maybe I am being too harsh with the latter, but it's a gut reaction when I see this on one day:
"There are reports that Tarongoy’s abductors are asking $10 million for his release and that Manila offered to pay $6 million. ... But the President’s spokesman and press secretary, Ignacio Bunye, denied the reports. ...“ We will not pay for any ransom. [If his abductors are demanding a ransom] we leave that to his employer,” {Ignacio} Bunye {President’s spokesman and press secretary} said in a radio interview." [] theirs, {} mine.
and the next day the story is this: "Tarongoy gets a reprieve"

So the question is, should I take a softer approach because it's only happened once before? Or just spread the scorn among those with no principle or intelligence. Did I say intelligence?

Some might ask how I can point to these rumors and unconfirmed reports. They have been denied, haven't they? Then again, why do some have to change a policy they do not have?

Update: Did I say intelligent? I meant gutless.

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