Saturday, March 12, 2005

Does the Constitution Matter? In the Washington Times, Thomas Kilgannon asks that today. His review indicates many in government do not. Kilgannon catalogues their disrespect. Congressional members who ask for interntaional election monitors and State Department employees who invite them; an Administration offering power to the UN to levy taxes on our citizens via the Laws of the Sea Treaty and the Convention on Tobacco Control; and the Supreme Court looking to have international opinion decide the makeup of our criminal sentencing statutes.

Kilgannon named only a few; his intention was to concentrate on the issue of foreigners sentenced to death for convictions and whether theirs rights were violated in connection with an international treaty of which the US is a signatory. But the disregard runs far and wide. The willful incompetence at controlling our borders, turning their backs on state and local laws denying citizens their second amendment rights, denying adults full rights with 21 year old drinking laws, and every federal branch's efforts to abridge a citizens right to free speech. And that's a list off the top of my head I have had my tea to clear my still sleepy mind.

There is too much power in Washington, and that, in itself, is the result of disregard for the Consitution. This didn't start recently, it started soon after the nation was formed, but the snowball is on a very steep part of the hill now.

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