Saturday, March 19, 2005

During the Festival of Fire on Wednesday, some Iranian crowds in the capital burned French flags and chanted "Europe is finished and so are their Mullahs." They interspersed that with chants of "Bush, Bush, where is Bush?". Others torched dummy likeneses of every politician/moolah you've heard of and some you haven't.

No doubt there soon will be some demonstrations where US Flags will be burned. But, I'll give 4 to 1 odds that in the run up to the presidential election, the competition between French and US flag burners will favor the "Bush, Bush, kush, kush" chanters will out-burn the "Death to the Great Satan" chanters.

So, the investor in me says dump your holdings in Iranian manufacturers of flammable US flags and snap up stock of their companies making flammble French flags and waveable US flags (as well as Iranian flags, of course.) Elections are made for days to topple governments in power, and I have my bets on the Iranians doing it quite literally this time. (ht: Merde in France)

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