Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Gagdad Bob was on a roll ...

... over at LGF yesterday with three (sad but) funny observations in a row regarding the revelation that Timorese boys were on the receiving end of what is fast coming to be UN's most recognized mission -- teaching women and children that whatever dire situation they may be in, it CAN get worse. (ht: Brain Droppings)

GB warmed up with shot at the NYT at comment #19 before his trifecta and, as usual, the comments section at LGF is one of the blogosphere's funniest.

Not that anyone needs a counting, but here's a country summary where women and children are on the receiving end of UN piecegetting UN peacekeeping missions: Bosnia, Burundi, Cambodia, Congo, Croatia, East Timor, Ethiopia, Guinea, Haiti, Kosovo, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Somalia ... oh heck, the more I look up links the more countries I find.

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