Friday, March 11, 2005

Go here and consider signing Jane Novak's petition. It's a worthy cause and relates, in an indirect way to a subject I really ought to finish writing about by this weekend. (via Instapundit)

Update: It was late last night and my eyes were closing fast, so I didn't have time to write or find more on this. Now I do. Cranky Neocon has a great backgrounder. I also want to add why I think it is important to add your voice to the outcry, if not your signature to the petition.

Bush has done an important job by seeking "change" everywhere and with his VRWC of neocons, not to mention a horde or two of troops and a majority at home, he got things rolling. This was necessary not because two peoples hated us but because small groups of those people hated every freedom except their own and enforced their own freedom wantonly, excessively and absolutely. There was little chance that would change by persuasion coming from the inside or the outside. I say that with history on my side and I am quite generous by the use of "little."

And that is what free speech basically is, acts of persuasion. All other freedoms people have and retain are the result using this one freedom, banned or not. Without the use of this one, even a war to acquire it is impossible.

The old "Arab Street" died because of it. The new one was born by it; born by blood, sweat, tears, and much money, and sadly so, but the current resistance to letting it live in Iraq is proof positive this was the only way.

Free speech will always be contentious and its only unifying force will be the peace it brings by respect for it. For ages, peaceable people felt safe to worry only about guaranteeing free speech at home. That age is gone. All those who yearn for a peaceful world must now act in support of it everywhere.

Supporting the release of Mr. Al-Khaiwani is one such act. It is one we should not let pass us by.

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