Tuesday, March 08, 2005

I'd been meaning to write something about 'McCain-Feingold' proper since I read this interview of the FEC's Bradley Smith about murmurs of the possible extension of this perfidious law to this last refuge of free speech. Reading through a few blogs, I thought it was not enough to just oppose this extension, but to use the musings and even the most feeble of pipings by our masters and their lackeys to cut the head from this serpent altogether and to muster approbation opprobrium sufficent to drive these would be kings from office in shame.

Of course, if the approbation opprobrium is not sufficent then, what the heck, a campaign could be mounted to get them voted out of office. So, others have thought the same thing and a rallying point is marked at a blog dedicated to this effort. It is called The McCain-Feingold Insurrection.

I rarely join groups but this one has a really cool flag. I will have to write my manifesto post haste so as to get one to fly here.

Update: Big mistake corrected. This isn't the first time and I must redouble my effort to quit associating approbation with sanction.

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