Monday, March 14, 2005

Links Update Day: New links are 'partially up' now in the "On the Stairs" menu, and those there have been moved to "Piled for Sorting". I say 'partially up' because what I worried about off and on in prepping the new template, did happen. I lost a bunch of links, likely from entering them into an older working template thinking I was in the most current. I am surprised I did not notice until now because in addition, there are a few menus missing too.

After putting in the five I had previously set up for this week, I also put in some of the ones I found to be missing from the template. There are many more and I will try to get them in tonight as well as update the template for the missing menus. Maybe you noticed I added a menu for those who blogrolled me recently. I did this quickly yesterday when I noticed the link. I have to figure out how to do that better because I have been blog rolled by others earlier (Viking Pundit, Brain Droppings and The Friendly Ghost) but prior to the new template.

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