Tuesday, March 08, 2005

News that Asland Maskhadov is dead, via Siberian Light. Mashkhadov was a Chechen rebel President. This is more good news of terrorists being sent to the hereafter. The more the merrier.

What is interesting is the details of how it came about. Being so early in the news cycle, a clearer picture of the surrounding events will be gathered, but my initial, top of my head take from the initial reports is that the Russians are very sucessful at soliciting accurate, truthful information from their prisoners in a short amount of time. <>I wonder how they do it?< /sarcasm >

And the report that Russian Special Forces bungled his capture is worth another roll of the eyes, IMHO, similar to the roll you make when you read of suicides using two bullets to the head.

Update: Hello SL readers. Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to look around. My regrets the archive menu is not working, I only got this template up yesterday and there are a few bugs still to be fixed. Thanks SL for the link. (Nice blog round up.)

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