Friday, March 11, 2005

Noise that Ward Churchill may become a millionaire is getting louder. Dave Kopel had a post yesterday afternoon on this based on information from KHOW talk radio's Peter Boyles that CU is seeking a buyout of his position in the several 7 figure sum range.

Indian Country Today's Jim Adams has a run down today with this aspect leading but is also chock full analysis and replete with history and current events, including Hoffman' resignation; Churchill's first appearance at CU; this year's decline in enrollment; and the coup de grace, a quote from CU professor Vine Deloria Jr. in connection with his refusal to accept an honorary degree last May, because of the scandals swirling then:
"A university is supposed to reflect the highest values and beliefs that our society can achieve," he wrote to Hoffman. "The recent actions indicate that the university is groveling in the mud, displaying a lower standard of ethics than the citizens of the state.'"
But my questions are: Do CU officials really have the authority to throw millions of dollars at Churchill to make him go away so they don't have to do the right thing and fire him? Will the Legislature allow CU officials to spend money to cover up their incompetence and mistakes? Will the citizens of the Great State of Colorado, allow officials at CU to 'donate' so much 'retirement' money to Churchill, money that could otherwise be used as scholarsips, grants and loans so their children can attend a university?

We'll just have to wait and see.

Update: Hmm, very interesting coincidence. Professor Bainbridge was at CU to present a paper entitled "Executive Compensation: Who Decides?" I took a look at the abstract and it starts "Pay Without Performance ..." So weird. (I add this only because I happened to bump into it. I very much doubt the Professor went just to give some folks a dresssing down.)

Update II: Aaack. Neglected to link to Bainbridge. Sorry, posting at 3 AM can be tough.

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