Thursday, March 17, 2005

Righting the law by writing it ourselves, an Update: In the time it took me to write this post take care of a couple of other things, like get the corned beef and cabbage started, Patterico and Xrlq have traded additional posts on the subject of taking pledges to ignore whatever regulation might eventually be imposed as a result of FEC action, if it does not suit them. I don't think those who conceived, developed, voted to approve, signed and/or ruled in support of this law will take much notice or be impressed. I don't think that it is as productive, really, in the sense of teaching the folks in Washington the right lesson.

However, if we were to undertake writing write a bill that would be a good law, one that accounts for whatever problems ought to be addressed regarding campaign financing, such as better and more timely reporting of contributions, for example, while not just protecting speech for bloggers, et al, but restoring the basic free speech rights for the crowds of people and organizations that had already had to play games to maintain their rights outside the Internet since McCain-Feingold was enacted, it would put the pressure where it belongs -- on the politicians.

It will take more effort than ignoring the law, but I happen to think it would be fun to help write a law, to see 'da man' squirm while it was happening and then see their faces while we eventually 'stick it to da man' by forcing them to enact. It would certainly be a humbling experience for them if it succeeded.

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