Thursday, March 10, 2005

So, Iran did get technology that could be used in a nuclear weapons program. At least that is what Pakistan now states. Iran said they refused these kinds of offers, 'cause, you see, they don't have a nuclear weapons program.

The comments by Pakistani officials are interesting. They say they didn't know what Khan was doing in his off time from building the Pakistani bomb. But let's do a little exercise. If Iran is building a bomb (yes, I know that's still a stretch, cough, cough) they must have one, two, maybe a few, critically important minds working on the program. Do you suppose they are watching these folks day and night? Of course they are. Do you think their phones are tapped and everyone they meet scutinized? Surely. They don't want word to leak out, any of them to escape or be kidnapped, etc. Everytime they put pencil to paper it is checked. That is the way secrets are kept.

Well, it was no different with Pakistan. The Pakistani government knew everything that Khan did. If Khan sold stuff to Iran or Libya or North Korea, the Pakistani goverment knew about it. Maybe not everyone, but certainly a few did. The same goes for travel to the DPRK, government plane or not. Sure, I have no evidence. But I have even less doubt. I wouldn't be surprised if Khan was stopping by Iran's labs to consult and that the Paks know the dates, times, locations and progress up until the time Khan was put on ice.

That's why the have Khan as snug as a bug in a rug.

(Alert: It's an AP article, which are only moderately reliable, and has not been checked yet for accuracy.)

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