Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Concerned Electorate Uppity Peasants

Some Canadian blogs are linking to Captain's Quarters because testimony relating to the biggest scandal in Canadian history was posted there, in spite of a publication ban in Canada. Shame on them. After all, things were going swell with the Gomery Commission hearings. In fact, from what I could tell the investigation was going swimmingly and I am sure those on the commission were cataloguing all of the wrongdoing that had gone on for some 12 to 15 years and were keeping an orderly list of the dozens and dozens who had participated.

Canada is healthy, vibrant democracy and devoted to the rule of law. Let justice take its course; the government knows what it is doing. After all, those responsible for the administration of justice were elected, or appointed by those who were elected, and those investigating were appointed by those who were elected (or appointed by those who were appointed by those who were elected) which is why the Gomery Commission was initiated in the first place. And it is absurd to think the quest for justice would be manipulated by politicians for personal advancement or party reasons.

And secrecy is of utmost importance lest those being investigated find out they are being investigated and somehow cover their asses by shredding lots of documents before the investigation can review them which might require additional costly investigation. Publicizing the information gleaned, the wrongs done or even divulging the legal actions to be taken until such time as the perpetrators are ready to plead to misdemeanors and are in the process of accepting a sentence requiring a $10,000 fine and giving up their budgets for three years, and might damage the reputations of honest officials who might otherwise have the right to claim they are cleared. Or some such satisfactory justice like that.

I think the long hand of the law ought track down those unscrupulous law breakers who defy the ban, try them, convict them, throw them in jail and lose the key. Who elected or appointed them as our protectors, anyway, and who do they think they are trying to inform the public so that the public can make judgments before the government does? That goes double for Canadians -- the world knows they, of anyone, can't disregard their prejudices when sitting on a jury and come to a judgment based solely on the evidence presented at trial.

Needless to say, I am disappointed, distraught, outraged, shocked, and all those other words, too. Shame on Captain's Quarters for breaking the publication ban of our cousins to the north. I'm of half of mind to write a letter to President Bush urging him to reconsider the ICC treaty.

Now, pardon me while I finish making arrangements to see a play the little lady wants to see.

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