Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Did they ever find this guy?

I was doing some browsing via Yahoo and happened upon this story from 21 Nov 04, and it brought the more recent Schiavo (cough) Talking Points (cough) Memo immediately to mind. Interested parties did a pretty good job of finding out who it was that created the memo and Mr. Darling resigned as a result. A sad story, for which all the information on it still hasn't come out (and probably never will; the head was what was hunted, not the full story.)

But was a head ever taken for this little legislative tidbit to "let's us look at your tax returns"? I don't remember the outcome.

Update: It also reminded me to check Just One Minute to see if there was any news on the Plame Affair. A couple of references but nothing relevant. However, there is a story on the remarkable Patrick Fitzgerald.

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