Friday, April 01, 2005

Pope John Paul II

His condition is quickly worsening. Earlier there was a notice on MSNBC that his condition was deteriorating and now it notes a case of heart failure.

Such a good man and courageously devoted his entire life. May God comfort and bless him and look on him with favor in these very trying hours.

Update: Redstate has just broken the news that The Pope has died. May he rest in peace.

Second Update: Sorry for not correcting sooner, my sister stopped over before I could finish this post. As of 2:30 PM ET, Pope John Paul has not yet died. One Italian news group had claimed that he had died, saying to the effect that his his brain function had flatlined. The Vatican has denied this and in listening to a lengthy CBS news radio special report, they noted how forthcoming the Vatican has been in reproting the Pope's condition and how public the Pope had been throughout his life when it came to his health.

I wonder if RedState's link, to the WaPo, was changed between the time RedState posted and when I saw it. I do realize the vigils and worldwide attention is not without cause and his death would seem imminent, but there is no reason to pre-announce it. I regret my error and will await the Vatican's announcement.

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