Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Sundry Pope Benedict Posts

Well, where to start? Amy Wellborn was torqued and irritated at E. J. Dionne's analysis of Ratzinger in the NYT this morning. I rarely bother to watch baseball games where pitchers can't pitch and batters can't bat, so, also, I rarely read E. J. Dionne. But someone ought to ... just for laughs. Ms. Wellborn did but withheld the laughter. She has a slew of posts later after the white smoke billowed.

I expected that the Ratzinger choice would roil the controversialists. It will make for some great theater during Pope Benedict's life. Jackson's Junction knew it wouldn't take long for Andrew Sullivan to start frothing. (I think the quote "Take a breath, Andrew.", will become a common refrain in the years to come.) There's a round up of many more news reports and comments there.

Bettnet has several posts. One mentions a few more subtle changes that ought to be watched for, but also links to books by Rantzinger and the text of Ratzinger's homily at the Mass for the Election of the Roman Pontiff, given yesterday, and which is worth reading in full. Start here and scroll up.

I think Fr. Rob Johanson at Thrown Back, on why Cardinal Ratzinger was chosen, hit the nail on the head:
"I think that the relative speed with which the cardinals elected Pope Benedict XVI is an indication that the cardinals were of relatively the same mind. Divisions between "conservative" and "liberal" (such as they may be) didn't seem to manifest themselves in this conclave. What Cardinal Ratzinger was most concerned about, as indicated in his homily yesterday, is fidelity to Christ and His teaching, as handed down to us through the Church. That is also foremost in the minds of the cardinal electors, as they chose him to be the Successor to Peter."
Santificarnos also has several good posts:
-- UK priest's 'shock' at new Pope
-- Transcript: Benedict XVI's First Papal Address (Note his final observation, the first to this I've seen.)
-- African Seminary student sends this in on Pope
-- Vatican Statement And Benedict XVI Bio

Southern Appeal links to some background on St. Benedict; a little Catechism brush up in connection with issues which, to be sure, will be the subject of much future frothing; and a link to a possible reason for the name Benedict. Feddie also noticed Andrew Sullivan. For the record, it's not nice to gloat -- that's three Hail Mary's at least, Feddie!

I haven't been yet, but no doubt The Corner one or two posts since noon.

Update: I've seen this type of reference to Pope Benedict several times: " ... Far from being power mad, he has for years pleaded to be allowed to resign from his office and return to teaching ...." So he has finally gotten his wish and received the highest teaching position in the Catholic Church.

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