Monday, May 23, 2005

Left Sidebar Update - 23 May

It's Monday and that means left sidebar update time. Not that the former guarantees the letter, but the intentions are there. With some late night work after a grueling weekend, the two do coincide this Monday.

I found shelf space for the sites on my desk (which I hope are in their appropriate place) which allowed me a place on the desk for those stacked on my stairs. That, however, doesn't mean there's no need to step gingerly to get to the attic as there's always more to stack there.

My stack this week is primarily foreign or foreign oriented and, in honor of the inestimably decent motives of Ms. Linda K. Foley to expose wrongs; seek freedom for the downtrodden; and social justice for the underdogs of society (not to mention a host of others which I'll get to in a later post), the group this week is geared towards those sites with the same motives but with one distinct difference, namely that they don't idly toss out unsubstantiated accusations in an effort to get their own way, call opinion, truth or try to hide it as fact, and act in a weasily manner when called on it. In other words, they have an abiding quality -- they are honest.

But before I mark new limits for tangents and without further adieu, there's Babalu Blog, who's been ripping the bearded one, aka, "my bitch" and his small band of brothers (and wannabes) for quite some time now (not to mention covering all things Cuban.) Also from the neck of the woods to his south, there's Barrio Flores, Ciao! and MABB, who've all been doing a great job of bringing the life and times of Bolivia to your fingerclicks and recording events as Bolivians seek liberty and equality even as they work for the opportunities needed to climb out of poverty. All are great reads.

Hopping over to areas where an almost insatiable darkness swallows any small light of freedom, there's two that work to have candles delivered -- The Passion of the Present and Sudan Watch. Further south, This is Zimbabwe (aka Sokwanele) tells of the everyday life in a place where thugs own the government and, having rode to power on the tidal calls for social justice, have substituted their own brand of tyranny and greed, one that is even more distructive and cruel, laying waste to all they touch.

Do what you can to keep their words read by and reported to as wide an audience as possible.

In that vein, The Head Heeb is one who has been writing on these issues and others in the region, or wherever his eyes rove, for a long time, and don't I wish I had been reading him for that long. A great site and well worth frequenting. Lastly there is another, Commentary, which posts today on a quote marking the reason they're stacked on the stairs today with these others and are doing what they can to "make a difference."

If you want to follow the burgeoning efforts for freedom in the sometimes see-saw battle with local tyrannies, one great place is Gateway Pundit. He puts out an amazing amount of information and I sometimes wonder if he sleeps.

Back on the home front and that rather self-righteous agent for social justice with overabundance of opinion that journalists can act with impunity as they seek to make a difference, speak truth to power and accomplish the goals they set out for themselves, though not always in overt ways. Junk Yard Blog was the first I saw to post a link exposing to the wider audience of the net Ms Foley's Freudian slip. A host of others caught wind of the event and followed with their own reports and opinions; Scared Monkeys is one who did, reporting and linking this time but more often than not posting on events with a great and often biting wit. They were also kind enough to blogroll me as a result of the tiny contribution I made to Jackson's Junction's dumping on the net a fuller video of the self-righteous, self-absorbed socialist opening her big mouth (which, by the way, they have done this on many other occasions with many others events while providing a sprinkling of their own useful insights and opinions. But I'm off on a tangent, again. Sorry.) Bookmark and blogroll them, if you haven't already.

I'm just sorry I can't load more sites in a batch but the stairs have only so many steps and it takes me freakin' forever to do the intros!

But there's two last sites that are long past due to be cubbyholed on the left sidebar for they have been buried (organize better, you fool -ed.) among my personal bookmarks for a long time -- Kaus Files and Eject! Eject! Eject!. Kaus Files is among the top tier of those who convey so much in so few words and he always seems to be out front in getting the skinny. Eject!(x3) does so much, and well, in providing in depth looks on a variety of subjects.

Okay, I'm done fawning and ingratiating myself to my betters for another week.

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