Friday, May 27, 2005

"Media credibility is in the toilet, even if the Koran isn’t. "

Thomas Lipscomb has another really nice analysis column of the Linda Foley affair, this time at Editor & Publisher. Points he covers that I gleaned: why it has been barely mentioned in the media; Ms. Foley's efforts to spin and dance her way out while she maintains her original accusation; and what it may mean for the members of the Newspaper guild members she represents.

Don't miss the last two paragraphs; a lot of the observations ought to be recited at the start of every shift in the newsrooms of America.

(I hope Mr. Lipscomb doesn't mind my using an observation he made in the article for the title of this post.)

Update: Fixed an error in a link below.

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"Media credibility is in the toilet, even if the Koran isn't."
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