Sunday, May 15, 2005

Menu Work And A New Stack of Sites

It's been too long since I worked on my left sidebar filing. The dust was getting thick and Hermie the spider had taken to stringing some silk. So I filed the pile on my desk and the stack on the stairs has taken their place. That made room for a new stack, 15 16 this time.

43 Folders is a techie blog full of tricks, tweaks, and hacks -- just the sort of thing I am always looking for -- as well as philosophical stuff. If you are into doing more, try him out.

The Curt Jester and Santificarnos write predominantly on Catholic subjects or subjects viewed with a Catholic eye. I don't do either of them justice with such a short introduction. TCJ is a witty and quite funny dude when he wants to be and does so often. Santificarnos is the blog page of the fairly new and growing Spero News, which I think is out of Spain and has material in Spanish, also. Anyway, I looked and/or linked to them at the time of the JPII's death and subsequent the conclave as well as other events/stories before that, that had a religious shadow to them.

The Indepundit is here, though he shouldn't be. He should have been down in the main menus long ago, but for my mistake of putting an * before the bookmark in the folder (my mark that it is on the blog) and not following up with coding him in. I feel real bad about that; I can't believe I have been checking in on him since March 2003.

I'd like to fill out my Convincers shelves, there's so many sites that aren't in there yet. But I do need to do some rearranging. Maybe the next go-round, but until then I have got New Sisyphus in the stack and headed for the Franklin Progeny menu..

The 3rd World View is a blog out of Bangladesh. I love when I can get news and views from everywhere. Also there is Jakartass. No, you guess where. And then there is Neeka's Backlog out of the Ukraine. Check them out, I think you will like them.

There'd be more in the Education menu if I didn't limited myself to 15 new links per go-round. The Education Wonks will change the menu from an empty one and lead to more there. A great site covering a much needed and insufficiently discussed subject.

In the Bullpen is a heavy lifter on the war front, being quick with the news links and adds lots of analysis and does the same with a great many blogs. That's not to say there isn't more to read there than that, because there is, and here's hoping he throws in some baseball -- the season is upon us, Dude.

I found Plunge Pontificates via Coming Anarchy and Bookworm Room via Brain Droppings. I've found both to have opinions I don't want to miss. Frequent them both.

Finally, some folks that have noticed me and were kind enough to blogroll me. I've already noted Miscellany but K wasn't in the system so I am sending K through the ringer, too. Chapomatic beat the system ... wait, what the heck? Another * doesn't necessarily mean what * it is supposed to mean. #@%$&! If you see him stacked, then I have already done a belated add. Anyway, I have since found two others who have put my name in bright letters -- Classic Quarters and Common Sense Junction. Classic Quarters is out of Ontario, Canada (just across the most important lake in the chain from me, so not really a foreigner :-) and covers lots of Canuck stuff, local and national, and the world at large with a very analytical eye, as well as expounds on mystery novels. Common Sense Junction is fairly new but going great guns; he puts out the links, both mainstream and obscure, and adds his two bright, and sometimes blunt, pennies.

Check them out and see what you might find, and don't forget to leave a comment, if only to say hello.

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