Thursday, June 09, 2005

AIUSA: Enemy of the USA? (Updated)

It appears that Irene Khan of Amnesty International did not feel it sufficient to slander and libel the government and military of the USA with the analogy of the Gitmo detention facility as "the gulag of our times". It also appears that she also considered it appropriate to allow Amnesty International put their reputation behind advocating the kidnapping and detention of our top elected and appointed leaders of government.

William Schulz, Executive Director of the Amnesty International - USA, in a press release, via the AIUSA website (at a minimum), has provded a statement advocating the arrest and detention of a host of duly elected and appointed officials of the US government.

The question is, is William Schulz a US citizen? If so, advocating foreign governments arrest and prosecute the President, et al, in time of war, is sedition, at best, and, treason at worst.

As such, let me be the first to advocate (I hope I am the first) the FBI and the Justice Department investigate William Schulz be investigated for sedition and treason. If sufficient evidence is found, I urge that the US prosecute William Schulz for such acts. Finally, if prosecuted and found guilty, I also urge the sentence be as the harshest possible.

(ht: Captain's Quarters)

Update: It had been thought, as pointed out previously in the blogosphere, that Khan's Gulag statement, Schulz's treasonous statement, his trip through the interview circuit, among surely many other under the radar activites were primarily a set up in a wide ranging effort to foist a meme on the Main Stream Media in an effort to get attention. A Washington Times editorial noted Schulz's muted admission of this in a conversation between Fox's Chris Wallace and William Schulz on Fox News Sunday: (ht: Brain Droppings)

There are no defensible comparisons between Guantanamo, or any other U.S. detention center, and the gulag, and the sooner that Amnesty apologizes the better. But Amnesty authorities won't and to understand why consider this exchange from the interview. Mr. Schulz said: "Chris, I don't think I'd be on this station, on this program today with you if Amnesty hadn't said what it said and President Bush and his colleagues haven't [sic] responded as they did. If I had come to you two weeks ago and said, 'Chris, I'd like to go on Fox with you to talk about U.S. detention policies at Guantanamo and elsewhere,' I suspect you wouldn't have given me an invitation." To which Mr. Wallace, no dummy journalist, responded, "So you're saying if you make irresponsible charges, that's good for your cause?"

Actually, William Schulz's plan is much more devious. This was all a publicity promotion for a plan to stir up a nationwide call to an independent investigation, complete with "the appointment of a special counsel to fully investigate abuses in Guantánamo, Afghanistan and other detention camps around the world and to hold perpetrators responsible." This per the front page of AIUSA's website.

They have even produced a shockwave flash video containing the cherry-picked words of Bush, Cheney, Myers and Rumsfield's response to the outrageous Gitmo comparison. This is "front and center' in their campaign right now and it can't be doubted Irene Khan's initial claim was to prompt responses to use in their video.

Don't forget to check out the rather long round-up of choice comments and opinions they have collected to boast of their charges and promote their plan. Oh and don't forget to check out how you can join the campaign (re; donate.)

The front page of their web site the plan is much more this was proven on Sunday with Schulz admission weak knee'd members of Congress like Senator Joseph Biden to call for the closing down of Gitmo.

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