Friday, June 24, 2005

The hole in the Fatina Abdrabboh story

Okay, I'm up to speed on this one, having caught Instapundit's post, scooted over to read the New Editor link, then catching Curzon's take and read some of the comments there.

The impetus for Fatina's writing, and the NYT's publishing, this fantasy was that she felt bad because people were staring and most certainly staring for the reasons she thought. I have deduced that Fatina is not very observant. I'll set the scene and you be the judge.

You're in a gym rather with a a goodly number of people. Enough people so that if enough of you stare at one person in the gym, that perosn should notice and feel like you are under a microscope. In the area of the gym where the stationary jogging thingies are, there's a bunch of peopleworking out; the televisions all around are "highlighted some aspect of America's conflict with the Muslim world: the war in Iraq, allegations that American soldiers had desecrated the Koran, prisoner abuse at Guantánamo Bay, President Bush urging support of the Patriot Act."

Among the crowd of health nuts being bombarded with this news are two people. One 5'-8", 150 lb., unremarkable girl in a headscarf; head down and quiet. If you bother to observe, or even stare, you can only notice and guess, "Here is a muslim ... yada yada yada ... in typical fashion, keeping to herself."

However, just behind her is the lard @ssed, former Vice-President of the United States, with his bevy of Secret Service agents nearby. In likely, typical fashion the VP is wearing his way too short, way too tight gym shorts. (He may even be sporting a tight Italiano-style gym sports top, too.) The same 'War in Iraq, Koran desecrating military, Gitmo, Patriot Act' news is bomabarding him and he is hot, bothered and revved up by the exercise.

So there you are in the gym. Who are you staring at -- the quiet, simple, nobody of a girl in a head scarf or ..... the former VP in tight fitting gymwear who can't help ranting at the television news between huffs and puffs on the treadmill all the while surrounded by some Men in Black?

Fatina is wishing.

Update: Forgot to link to the original fantasy. Not so sorry.

Update II: Curzon of Coming Anarchy e-mailed to note that the Ankle Biters have done some research on news-chasing Fatina Abdrabboh's in these parts and that it's possible they are one in the same.

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Anonymous Anonymous creaked ...

fatina is a professional victim. she has dropped classes claiming anti-islamic or anti-muslim rhetoric from her professors. she has gone on NPR saying she's afraid of taking a backpack on the subway.

she does a disservice to all muslims, like myself, for complaining all the time, when NOTHING HAS EVER HAPPENED TO HER. her paranoia and ability to get published does a disservice to the hundreds of muslim women who DO ride the boston subway everyday (unlike fatina, who does not), with bags, backpacks, suitcases, etc and are NOT bothered

4/27/2006 10:23 AM  

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