Wednesday, June 01, 2005

I Made It, Ma!

I'd like to thank Mr. Bozell for crediting me specifically in his article, today. (Mr. Bozell's mention of this site is in connection with my post here.) I can now appreciate as much the fact-checking aspect of Mr. Bozell's work on account of the e-mails I received from Tim Graham at MRC prior to publication. Professionalism and courtesy with even simple details. Thank you.

In turn, I want to cite those who prompted me to take a further look into Ms. Foley's public comments and opinions regarding her view that journalists are being targeted by members of the US military. Junk Yard Blog was the first, as far as I can tell, to bring it to the blogosphere, and this from first seeing Mark Hyman's "The Point" commentary on television. John at Brain Droppings cited JYB's post and that is when I first saw it. And, Trey at Jackson's Junction brought to the blogoshpere an extended video excerpt of Ms. Foley's comments that were the focus of Mr. Hyman's commentary as well as an audio excerpt of the comments to which Mr. Bozell refers in his article.

Prompted again to look a little further, by Trey this time, I'll have a post up shortly on remarks made the day before Ms. Foley's 11 May speech at the University of Illinois to which Ms. Foley made indirect reference in her speech.

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