Sunday, July 24, 2005

Home half-sweet home

Hi folks. We're back home and almost finished unpacking. I'm taking a break from doing some chores, among them replacing the light bulbs in the kitchen (2), bathroom (3), as well as one in the hallway, basement and side door. (The question is: Is it beyond the norm for that many to burn out in three weeks with a house sitter?) Next up after I finish my San Ge Wu is remove a couple of large growths in the frig.

I have to say, I am woefully behind in the news department and will have to take time to catch up on what's been the news for the last three weeks. My major sources during the trip was the 10 page Shenzhen Daily, which was the only easily available English paper near where I was staying, although was was able to talk a Starbucks into giving me their Morning Post when they were closing one day and a friend gave me the same twice from a hotel at where he works when I met with him. ABC News runs at 7AM but that conflicted with my Tai Chi time in the courtyard with the retirees at the condo. English language news at a realistic time was okay but brief and conflicted with our 'always on the run' mode of shopping and eating with friends.

It will be a while before pics are up, due to disorganization amongst the three of us in the camera department. I'll post on the highlights over the next week.

Now for some catching up to do after the frig work. I'll be back soon.

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