Sunday, September 11, 2005

A Miserable Failure

Not one question about the buses. Note the last one, which is the newest at JustOne Minute.

Has George Stephanopoulos failed miserably in reporting on the Katrina disaster? Should he resign in disgrace or be fired? Is George Stepanopoulis a racist for his woeful misrepresentation and misleading reporting on the Katrina disaster?

Finally, if there had been thousands of mostly whites, mostly affluent, mostly celebrities left stranded in the Superdome and Convention Center, would George Stepanopoulis have covered it with more accurate and on target reporting of the facts, than the driveling, combination "Entertainment Tonight" and "Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction?" reporting to which many turn expecting the hard, real news which they will use to form judgments to make their civic decisions (and for which ABC pays him good money.) Would he have cared about the Bus story instead of the Bush story.?

George spent over half his non-standard time on "This Week" grilling Vice Admiral Thad Allen and Senator Barak Obama to get them to say bad things about the Bush Administration. He squeezed Admiral Allen to state that FEMA director Michael Brown should be fired. He played it many different ways with several pointed questions (sounding more like requests to, please, say, "Yes!") but eventually gave up with a snotty, and I paraphrase since I didn't copy it down, "I guess that's as far as I can get with you," before going on to another subject and then dumping Admiral Allen so he could get to Senator Obama.

He pulled the same crap with the Senator, and more. He used Senator Obama to cover the 'Bush is a racist angle, putting the Kanye West recording accusing the President of hating black people on air as the lead-up to asking Senator Obama about this subject and offering him several opportunities to discuss it by asking about it from several perspectives.

Yet there was practically nothing on the level of performance at the state and local level, though, and I'll have to check when the transcripts come out, Georgie did throw a softball general question on it to both. Admiral Allen, who wasn't there to finger anyone anyway, did not bite and with Senator Obama, it gave him the opportunity to throw in his 'but let's not blame anyone too much' demurral, after getting in his quite deft, and stately, semi-bashing.

George Stepanopoulis, who's idea of covering the New Orleans disaster is to fly on a helicopter tour of Senator Landreiu's expansive, extended family estate has failed the public miserably and ought to be fired since he doesn't have the good grace to resign.

Only God knows why I bothered to watch This Week today. (You have masochistic tendencies? -ed)

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