Sunday, September 11, 2005

Never Forget

It will come every year, forever.

It is here today.

A memorial day, a day for remembering the events that took place,

now, four years past.

On these memorial days, many have said, are saying and will say, most much better than I . Ultimately, though, it's a day to remember those who died, both those who were in the "wrong places at the wrong time' as well as those many people who raced to these same places, steely eyed in the knowledge of what they must do.

Update: Armies of Liberation can't blog on it but she does provide some links, one of which is a photo montage. BrainDroppings, in thinking about this, reminds that this was willful murder and not a tragedy while Coming Anarchy reminds us the towers are gone and links to the Wikipedia entry for 911. Common Sense Junction has a variety of links and thoughts, including a videoclip he watches often.. Scared Monkeys also reminds to never forget, has some photos and links to some who write on about this day.

Update II: Orrin Judd, always a good one to check, posts on "The Falling Man" photo and his thoughts on the consequences of the attack.

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