Saturday, October 29, 2005

I'm Back

Well, I'm out of the tunnel. For the last three months I've been scrambling to get profitable work done. Initially we thought it would take until the end of September to complete (fortunately that was an internal deadline) but a couple of early upstream delays and a series of modifications made the already super-packed project explode into October.

I apologise to anyone who might have been looking for posts here since my return from vacation. I tossed a few out there, particularly ones on Katrina, and one of those promising a follow-up on the issues, but that was just prior to noticing the 'light at the end of project tunnel' was actually a lighted danger sign in the middle of it and another month of work. After that I did throw up some comments when I did get to raft the blogs but didn't have time to compose for here.

There's a tiny bit of cleanup -- the office is in a shambles -- and a job I can do with my eyes closed due the middle of next month, not to mention fall yard work, but I'll be cranking out some posts for the forseeable future. With all the stuff that has happened since July, I have a lot of pent-up frustrations to let loose.

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