Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Bush responded on 11 November ...

... to the "Bush Lied!" meme because it couldn't wait any longer as this leak of a White House meeting summary from a double secret anonymous official government source that has no axe to grind reveals and The Dusty Attic has obtained:

Dick: It's too soon!
Karl: We've run it through the Democrats In Perpetual Stupidity and it keeps coming up November 11th.
Dick: DIPS doesn't use the Gore variable, we need to wait longer.
George: Al hasn't been behind a podium on this continent in a while so he's due. Maybe Dick is right.
Karl: We can't go longer. Dick has a point but we can't expect an Al eruption to knock them back into last year. November 11th is right.
George: Dick, why the hesitation? It's not like you to get in there and mix them up, er, it up.
All three: Hahahahaha!
Karl: (looking at calendar) Besides, what's the alternative ... Thankgiving ... Christmas ... Hanukah ... New Year's ... Groundhog ... Lincoln ... Valentine's ... Flag, nevermind, that's Canadian ... Washington .... St. Patrick's. See? President's Day just doesn't have the tweak and April 1st is much too late.
George: The Day Tweak still seems unfair, almost exaggerated and misused, er, misunderused.
All three: Hahahaha!
Dick: All right. If we go and they hit bottom in the two months I expect then they drag themselves off the floor before Primary Day, your going to see a Spring Chickenhawk preening around here for quite a while.
All three: Chickenhawk! Bwahahaha!
George: Well, right or not, it's still your turn to go speaking tour to drop them some fodder.
Karl: Rope-A-Dope v2.06 is being beta tested as we speak.
All three: Do-do-do-do, do-do-do-do. Bwahahaha!
George: We'll talk later, Dick. Karl, I need two minutes more ... About this Plame thing and The Scoot, ya sure ya don't know?
Karl: Absolutely and he won't tell me a thing after I found him working with DIPS late that night.
George: (mumbling) Cheney's Cheney. Sometimes, I feel sorry for the Dems ... Now explain this idea again about regular blogger conferences for McClellan ...

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