Friday, November 04, 2005

Damn, I've got to get Tivo

Writing that last post on the LNH reminded me that I wanted to write something on the BBC news from last night. Katty Kay interviewed Joe Wilson on the half hour BBC news feed via PBS and it was outrageously headshaking.

Kay lead off in the stupidity department by asking a question that would be considered assinine for any reporter even minimally knowledgeable in Plamegate, to the effect that Joe Wilson's trip to Africa disproved the Bush Administration's assertion that Saddam was attempting to procure uranium. She actually said it with a straight face too.

And good old Joe had the pulpit to himself so he could say anything and did. He spewed his already discredited lies as fast as he could and by the end it seemed almost as the whole thing was rehearsed, or at least that he had the questions beforehand.

I've spent some time trying to find a video or transcript of the interview without success but still hope to find it somewhere. If anyone knows how to find it or seen coverage of it elsewhere, drop me a line.

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