Wednesday, November 16, 2005

How low will it go?

Orrin Judd links to a Weekly Standard article " The Bubble Bursts, Only it's not the bubble you think" by Irwin M. Stelzer. He wonders if Paul Krugman ever mentioned this bubble before it burst. That question can best be known only if it is leaked by one of the members of the Darknet of "Time Select".

What I would prefer to know is the list of those who cast some cold water on the whole meme of imminent fuel crisis and raised the spectres of pauperization by the 60% increased heating costs this winter and frozen bodies in beds, on couches, and at porch stoops. I think I'll take to considering their writings rather than the whole gamut of MSM prophetizers and their rolladex of facilitators.

I don't blame them, per se. I certainly don't blame them in same way Jim Lehrer, Brian Williams, or Bob Schiefer ponder who's to blame on just about every nightly subject in "their" big, wide world of news. But their level of accuracy in the dart board of news commentary, as I see it, would put their dart boards in the "like new" category on Ebay.

The bottom line is that they are not reliable and I want reliable.

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