Thursday, November 10, 2005

I think I'm being screwed ...

in the House by 'Moderate Republicans'. Right now it's ANWR. Michele Malkin had an initial post and is now hosting reader reaction and letters to the GOP.

I found it interesting when I looked at the Main Street Republican membership, that my representative is on the list. I never hear from him so, I don't suppose he knows I exist. He doesn't respond to my complaints so I won't be responding to him calls for support come next year. I'll be interested to see if there is a primary challenger, which I hope there is -- he'll get first crack at my cash and depending on how much worse the Dem will be, he might get a crack, too. Rep. James Walsh, R-25th, New York will not unless he participates in Extreme Makeover -- Political Policy Edition.

Thinking (actually hoping) that the desire of the Main Street Individual Fund to eagerly take George Soro's money (Michele pointedly noted this contributor), might possibly be just deceitfully taking advantage of a less nimble mind, I did decide to check out the other three notable contributors on the list -- Dinakar Singh, Sidney V Weinberg Jr, & John C Whitehead.

Neigborhood Search: Dinakar Singh, Sidney V Weinberg, Jr., John Whitehead
Analysis: Not good, not bad -- Singh is apparently of the same variety as Soros; Sidney Weinberg, not showing up here may or may not have good arguments with the other Weinbergs at Goldman Sachs; the John C Whitehead here is a Republican but if the same one contributing to MSR, it must be nice to be both retired and working for Lower Manhattan Development Corp.

Now on to ...
NewsMeat: Dinakar Singh, Sidney V Weinberg Jr, John C Whitehead
Analysis: Not getting better -- Dinakar Singh, hmm, look what the rat dragged in; the Republicans really should establish some standards -- taking money from Soros is draining the piggy bank but putting your hand out to many of them borders on subterfuge, the bad kind that is directed at me; Sidney now shows up and his contribs are very mixed enough to show that he's more a Republicrat and family discussions are likely yes, yes, yes yes than yes, no yes, no, finally I wonder how much different his views are than the almost identical Sidney J Weinberg (must be a typo, hahahaha); the John C Whitehead listed here, if the right one, while I may not see eye to eye with him on a lot of matters, at least he doesn't wear a hairy sheep coat.

I wonder how much more there is to dig up on this group? But before I go digging, I'd just like to say that if you had stopped me on the street and asked me if this kind of thing would be nipped in the bud by McCain-Feingold, I would have absolutely said, "Yes!" But, I don't sit around all day trying to think of mindboggling ways hide living high off the political hog, principles be damned.

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