Saturday, November 19, 2005

Let the debate begin at WCCC

Let's just skip over Professor John Daly's view that our troops should shoot their superiors for the moment and stick with the free speech aspect, okie dokie? Warren County Community College President Will Austin believes free speech on his college's campus can include making statements such as "I will continue to expose your right-wing, anti-people politics until groups like your won't dare show their face on a college campus".

Disgraceful and offensive though Austin personally believes that is, nonetheless, he also believes it is permissible to declare the intention to drive other people and, thus, their opinions from colleges campuses.

That's an interesting aspect of Austin's belief in free speech. Does that mean he would have taken no action against students at the college belonging to Young American's Foundation declaring THEIR intention to drive from the Warren County Community College campus those whose views they find offensive?

I seriously doubt it. If Rebecca Beach had included in her e-mail an express declaration that the coming speech by Lt. Col. Scott Rutter was part of her campaign to expose the left-wing, anti-people politics until groups like International ANSWER wouldn't dare show their face on a college campus, I have no doubt that Will Austin's Administration would have come down on Ms. Beach like a ton of outraged, PC thought police and free expression advocates that find this act of disgraceful and offensive intimidation unacceptable in campus life and would not be tolerated.

Will Austin's position is disgraceful and offensive. But since Will Austin believes open debate on his campus must allow these kinds of declarations, let the debate begin and let's see how he reacts to further free speech of this kind.

(U-11:54) According to this report, Rebecca Beach is calling for John Daly to required to attend sensitivity training. It would be good if President Austin attended a few, too.

(U-12:00) On the sensitivity training issue, here's the key graf from a YAF Press Release:
"Since Professor John Daly has created a hostile learning environment for Rebecca, she is demanding that Warren Community College President William Austin institute seminars on free speech and sensitivity to teach intolerant leftists, such as Daly, to be respectful of differing opinions."

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