Thursday, November 17, 2005

MSM: Truth to Power, my ass ...

Let's just play games to instigate more the partisan feuding, willfully mislead the public and take down Bush. Then they can do a poll asking, How we doing?

I spent the entire time during nightly news, thinking Rep. John Murtha (The Democrat Defense Hawk) was coming out now with his doubts and opposition. How could I not? The big three stated it as did LNH!

The MSM: Reinforcing their dismal reputation, driving mistrust higher and sending me again to the blogosphere to get the truth. (But don't question their patriotism. -Ed.)

Update: (Back) Gateway Pundit has a round-up of the "normally quite" Rep. John Murtha, who after long deliberation, I'm sure, finally came to the conclusion he did Thursday which so impressed the MSM. What conveniently short memories they have.

And a quite respectful Mudville Gazette helps Rep. John Murtha with some of his "facts" among some other things. MG is a nice guy.

I was bothered by Murtha's Iraqi opinions facts. Just started looking but I did remember an Iraq the Model summary of Al-Sabah (May 5, 2005) opinion poll with the question "What is the task Jafari's government has to handle first?" Where was "Getting the foreign troops out?" Third place at 4.97%. First place at 55.16% was "Providing Security." Still looking for something more definitive and recent.

More: There was this May 18, 2005 summary of a late 2004 poll, but of all the questions asked, none related to getting the troops out. Maybe it was too hot an issue to inquire about.

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